What is the vision?

GCCA’s vision is to drive sustainable regional economic development, industrial renewal and low carbon prosperity on a global scale. Our focus is on creating a trusted cluster collaboration system that is open, larger and more effective than what we have seen as of today. A key task is the development of new financial mechanisms to enable large scale commercial deployment of proven technologies. Goal is to provide an investment alternative at appropriate risk and return expectations for institutional investors, e.g. pension funds.

What are the key benefits & services?

GCCA offers access to capital, corporates, markets and insights. All GCCA services are carefully designed to provide tangible benefits for two target groups: cluster member companies and cluster managers. Benefit from 5 key services: GCCA Deployment HUB Network, GCCA Later Stage Award, Multi-Asset Renewal Fund/MARF Programs, Best Practices and Webinars, and the Local Global Office.

Who can become a GCCA cluster partner?

GCCA is an open meta-cluster organization designed to support the development towards a shared economy and low carbon prosperity. GCCA members are regional Cleantech clusters following the triple helix model. Entrepreneurs, companies and investors can join GCCA solely through their membership in a local GCCA cluster partner.

Who founded GCCA?

GCCA was born in Berne, Switzerland and fine-tuned in New York in June 2010 as a concept idea by Christian Haeuselmann, Nina Harjula and Shawn Lesser. In November 2010, GCCA was officially launched at the Cleantech Venture Day in Lahti, Finland. Peter Adriaens, Lisa Ann Pinkerton and Ben Taube joined the team to further develop the GCCA cluster network. As the Chair of the GCCA Asia-Pacific Gateway, Elmer Sum developed the cluster partner network in Asia. Within 3 years, GCCA grew to 50 clusters from across the world, representing 10’000 companies.