2013 Global Top 10 Winners


The Global Cleantech Cluster Association is pleased to announce its winners for the 2013 Later Stage Award. They were judged by 22 cleantech venture capitalists, investors and serial entrepreneurs who collectively manage $3.5 billion in clean technology investment, lead by Head Judge Dr. Peter Adriaens.

The GCCA Later Stage Award Top 10 winners were selected from an original pool of 10,000 eligible companies represented by the GCCA’s 49 member clusters. Each cluster conducted internal evaluations to nominate up to 10 companies in the 10 categories. In total, these member clusters nominated 160 companies for the 2013 Later Stage Award. That number was later narrowed to the Global Top 30 semi-finalists and the Top 10 winners.

Best in BioFuels/BioEnergy
solegear SoleGear
Nominated by Greentech Exchange

Solegear, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, engineers, produces and distributes high-performance bioplastics made from rapidly renewable resources. Founded in 2006, Solegear has developed proprietary bioplastic formulations under the brand names of Polysole®—a non-toxic, bio-based and compostable bioplastic, and Traverse®—a composite bioplastic using the maximum possible bio-based content and non-toxic enhancers.

Best in CleanWeb/IT
 Hanley energy Hanley Energy
Nominated by The Green Way

Hanley Energy Ltd is a dynamic, Irish-owned and managed company specializing in the design, supply, installation and support of customized energy and critical power management solutions for a diverse range of business sectors.

Best in Green Buildings
 Inbalance buildings InBalance Buildings
Nominated by Cleantech San Diego

INBALANCE is a management consulting and professional service organization headquartered in downtown Chicago.  INBALANCE provides a broad range of facility related services, with core knowledge and performance delivery capability in Facility Energy Cost Reduction, Building System Optimization, Engineered Power Solutions, Project Management, LEED Consulting and Alternative Energy Solutions.

Best in Lighting/Energy Efficiency
thinkeco index Thinkeco
Nominated by NYCAcree

New York City-based ThinkEco, Inc. is a leading provider of easy-to-use energy efficiency solutions for homes and businesses.  ThinkEco’s patented technology platform enables cloud-based applications powered by intelligent algorithms and featuring an attractive and customizable customer user interface with which partners can integrate.  ThinkEco’s model smart-plug provides remote metering of plug load power consumption in real time, and enables users to set savings schedules to better control their energy use and quantify savings.

Best in Smart Cities


Nominated by Cleantech San Diego

OneRoofEnergy is a technology-rich solar finance provider that has quickly become one of the nation’s leading sources of affordable solar leasing.  Through the SolarSelect® financing program, homeowners can convert to clean, affordable solar electricity for little or no money down.  With a proven track record in renewable energy and expertise in project finance and structuring, OneRoofEnergy’s mission is to bring homeowners solar the way they like it – with fully warrantied, high-performance equipment and premium solar services, all without high, out-of-pocket costs.

Best in Smart Grid


Nominated by MaRS Discovery District

ENBALA Power Networks is a Smart Grid technology company that continuously connects large electricity users to the grid to deliver grid operational flexibility to utilities and electricity system operators.  ENBALA’s innovative GOFlex™ platform captures and then intelligently aggregates inherent demand-side storage from connected loads to respond to the real-time needs of the power system, increasing its reliability, efficiency and reducing greenhouse gases.

Best in Solar and Wind
Silicon energy Silicon Energy
Nominated by Washington Cleantech

Founded in 2007, Silicon Energy delivers the highest quality and most durable photovoltaic (PV) modules on the market today, backed by one of the best warranties in the world.  Located in Minnesota and Washington, Silicon Energy’s sustainable approach to doing business offers customers a world-class, locally manufactured and environmentally-friendly solar PV product. Silicon Energy PV Systems are available through select partners for home, commercial, government, and utility installations.

Best in Transportation
drivetek logo drivetek ag
Nominated by SwissCleantech

Demanding applications in the areas of transport, energy and industry require precisely coordinated electrical drives.  Drivetek ag is a leading engineering service provider for application-specific drive technology.  Their strength is in the system design: they develop hardware, software and electrical machines in-house and guarantee optimized systems and proper function.

Best in Waste Management
 zenrobotics Zenrobotics
Nominated by Finnish Cleantech

ZenRobotics Ltd. brings high technology to recycling. ZenRobotics Recycler, the company’s artificial-intelligence-controlled robotic recycling system, reclaims valuable raw materials from construction and demolition waste.  A number of systems have been sold and are being installed through a global reseller network in 49 countries.

Best in Water
Galvatek Galvatek
Nominated by Finnish Cleantech

Galvatek is one of the leading suppliers of automated high quality surface treatment and water treatment plants with more than 600 delivered and serviced plants in 35 different countries around the world. Over 30 years of active presence in the market has generated numerous references and provided Galvatek with an outstanding knowledge of the surface treatment industry.


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